My name is Travis Cope, and I like to write.

I don’t really know what else should go here. Maybe explain why exactly I decided to enter the blogisphere? Well here it goes: I made this blog as a kind of motivating tool. Despite considering writing an enjoyable hobby I am a huge procrastinator. Sure, there are ideas in my head, but that means exactly nil when I can’t bring myself to put pen to paper. Maybe it’s because somewhere deep down I’m afraid…I don’t know.

And so I made this blog as a way to push myself to write more consistently.  Make a self imposed deadline machine, as it were. And hopefully people will be interested enough in what I’m doing to give some helpful critiques for improvement.


Other stuff, I guess:

Favorite Writers (In No Particular Order)

Hunter S. Thompson

David Foster Wallace

Chuck Palahniuk

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Cormac McCarthy

Thomas Pynchon


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