Shattered Glass

Another week, another challenge for the Indie Ink Writing Challenge. I believe this is my fifth week. I’m working on other stuff, I swear. My challenge this week comes from Leah, who wanted me to:

Pick a moment in your childhood that you think you could’ve parented better

 and rewrite the moment as if you were the parent.

This was an incredibly difficult challenge for me to do, for both personal and logistical reasons. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to rewrite the moment exactly as it happened, but from the parent’s point of view, or if I was supposed to write the moment as I thought it should have happened. In the end I sorta compromised between the two. As for the story itself, I found myself less interested in the moment itself and more with the thought process that led to the decisions that led to the moment. In that spirit, I ended up writing it as a stream-of-consciousness piece, and a short one at that.

I hope you enjoy!

(You can read the response to my challenge by Wendryn here.)


Five years sober. Five years sober and now she pulls this shit again, drunk dialing me half a bottle into some shitty vodka. Where did she get it anyway? I mean I drink, sure, but never hard liquor. She actually took the time out to get the damn vodka. God dammit, and the last time she pulled this crap off she tried to drive off with the car. Yeah, that’s the last thing I need right now, I’ve still got four more cars to paint and they’re all expecting pick-up tomorrow but something needs to be done about her, a grown woman who needs babysitting. What about M—-? Yeah, I’m gonna let my fourteen year old daughter babysit her drunk mother besides I think she’s at some friends house anyways. A—–? Jesus, when’s the last time we’ve even heard from him, I suppose I could try calling him . . . Just what I figured, he didn’t even bother answering that’s just great. Oh wait what about T—– he could do it he’s probably home right now and hey it’ll get him out of his damn room for once it’s sad his mother is hitting the bottle again just twenty feet away and he has no idea, he should be the one to watch her. Oh, but that’s right, the last time something like this happened he ended up cleaning her blood up from around the house as I took her to the hospital christ that was a great moment as a father, how old was he then, maybe eleven at the most and it’s not like I told him to do that I thought he was asleep but he must’ve heard her fall into the glass the fact he cleaned it up on his own makes it so much worse for some reason. I really hate to have to do this to him again, but hey he’s an adult now he should be able to handle it besides there is no one else who could help her and she needs help. I suppose I could leave early but I have a responsibility here too and I know I’ll never hear the end of it if a bunch of cars that need to be done aren’t but this should count as what do you call it extenuating circumstances probably and it’s not like I even want to leave hell I’d much rather not have to deal with this bullshit but I don’t want to subject my son to it either, but he should be fine he won’t like it that’s for sure but who would? I don’t know I just don’t know.


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